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Customers don't just want a run of the mill website to look at, they want to be enticed. Customers use a website to judge how a company holds itself in the world. People will simply click away from your website if it is not aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, easy to use. All of the websites we build are perfectly working on all devices. The websites will react responsively to any device screen size.

If you would like a stunning website yourself, whether be a casual personal blog or a fully fledged bespoke eCommerce system, then we are here to help. Feel free to look at our existing work and examples in the portfolio. Once you are satisfied that we are the team to help you build a unique and attractive web presence, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

JBSoftware has teamed up with another superb web development company Resplace and formed a new Website Design and Development company specialising in bespoke web systems called WebDesires. We offer many hosting support and backup packages that ensure we can cover your every need.

Essential Web Developers Tool - Migration Magic

Migration Magic is something that should be used everywhere. It is just perfect at helping developers stay in control of there development environment. For me this trumps subversion control in many aspects, it is also really lightweight and super fast at doing tasks that would otherwise take hours instead of minutes or even seconds.

If you're serious about your web development and have many different clients then Migration Magic will help you get over many headaches. You can easily compare files you have edited it test against what is already in live, enabling you to see line by line everything you have changed, deleted and added to a file. Migration Magic will also create a backup of the files that are going to be overwritten, just on the off chance that you accidentally break something and need a quick recovery whilst you figure out a solution. Now the Magic part, Migration. Migration Magic can migrate files direct from your test environment, straight into your live environemnt without any hicupps. File Migration, Comparison and backups have never been so easy and all in one tool.

Rumour has it that the Migration Magic team are working on database comparison functionality too, which will allow you to look at the tables and structures of databases, again making it easy to migrate from your testing environment to your live environment. What are you waiting for?