Why Should I Learn C++

This is a question asked a lot, and not just about C++. This question is asked about almost any programming language that has been around for a few years. Granted, yes, there are new programming languages cropping up all over the place, but the truth is C++ has been around since 1979 developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs. The language was initially standardised in 1998 and has been growing ever since.

There is a lot of code out there written in C++ and there is more and more each day with large companies still using C++ as the language of choice for many of their applications. So whether you’re just starting to learn C++ or you’ve been using for years there’s no need to panic that its going to disappear. Its just not going to happen.

Should I Learn C before C++?

This question is inevitably asked because C++ supersedes C. You will find a common answer wherever you ask this question, not only is C not needed to learn C++, it is advised to avoid C as it can encourage bad habits when you begin to learn C++. These bad habits are prevented in C++ meaning it would be a lot more of an effort to learn C prior to C++. If you are a C Programmer then don’t fear. Read through the first few lessons as a nice handy recap and we will go from there.

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