C and C++ Keywords

Below is a cheat sheet for C and C++ keywords. Keywords are words already in use within the C++ or C programming language that perform specific actions operators or functions. Within the brackets or parentheses are synonyms for the operators. If you see c++ then this indicates this specific keyword is only for C++ and not C.

and (&&)c++ and_eq (&=)c++ asm auto bitand (&)c++ bitor (|)c++
boolc++ break case catchc++ char classc++
compl (~)c++ const continue default deletec++ do
double else enum explicitc++ extern falsec++
float for friendc++ goto if inlinec++
int long mutablec++ namespace newc++ not (!)c++
not_eq (!=)c++ operatorc++ or (||)c++ or_eq (|=)c++ privatec++ protectedc++
publicc++ register return short signed sizeof
static struct switch templatec++ thisc++ throwc++
truec++ tryc++ typedef typename union unsigned
virtualc++ void volatilec++ while xor (^)c++ xor_eq (^=)c++

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