Basic HTML Examples

There may be some tags used in this section that you’re not familiat with. Do not worry, these will be explained in coming

HTML Pages

HTML Pages, also called documents must start with a document type decleration like
<!DOCTYPE html>

The HTML page starts and then ends with the
<html> </html> tags.

As menioned before, the visible elements of the page are between the
<body> </body> opening and closing tags.

HTML Headings

HTML headings are created using the <h1></h1> down to the <h6></h6> tags. Each decreasing in size and importance.

HTML Paragraphs

Paragraphs in HTML are defined with the <p></p> tags.

HTML Links

HTML links, also known as anchor tags are primarily used to link to another page. The links destination is specified within the href attribute. Attributes are used to provide extra information and sometimes instruction about HTML elements.

HTML Images

HTML Images are defined using the <img> tag. This is one of the rarer tags in HTML that doesnt need a closing tag.

Images in HTML use a few attributes, which should be used as standard practice. src;, which is the image source. alt, Which is the alternative text, often used for accessibility purposes. width and height.

HTML Buttons

Buttons are defined using the <button> </button> tags.

HTML Lists

HTML has 2 standard types of lists. Ordered and unordered. Ordered lists are numerical and unordered are bullet points. Below are 2 examples, <ul> for an unordered list and <ol> for an ordered list. List items are defined with <li> </li> tags.

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