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Writting HTML from scratch when first starting out could be quite daunting for some. Using simple editors to add code highlighting and auto completing tags may seem like its cheating, but really its all there to help save time. Some people may argue that when first starting out you shouldnt use such tools to aid you as you may not learn the basics as quickly. I argue the opposite, why not use them from the beginning when you’ll be using them later on to help you anyway. Dont make life hard.

Which HTML editor?

Now this is down to personal preference, some people will agree with my decision here, others wont. But in my opinion 2 of the best lightweight editors for HTML and many other programming languages are Notepad++ and Visual Studio Code.


My first ‘real’ editor that im very loyal to. Windows only unfortunatley, but its very good and very simple to setup to get you started.

To download this editor visit

Visual Studio Code

The most recent editor ive picked up and i cannot see any reasons why I should use any other. It has everything i need. Plenty of extensions and functionality right from the get go. Simply a wonderful editor that has saved me so much time. A bonus is that it also works on Windows, Mac and Linux. So wherever i am, whatever machine im on i can get right into coding.

To download this editor visit

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