What is HTML?

HTML is the standard language for creating websites. It is often linked up with other languages and frameworks to make a complete website, but this is where you start.

  • HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
  • HTML describes the structure of a website to search engines and browsers using markup
  • HTML elements are the building blocks of any webpage
  • HTML elements are represented with numerous tags
  • HTML tags outline section of content such as paragraphs, headings, tables and buttons
  • A browser will not display HTML tags but will instead render the content to a screen in readable formats

Basic HTML Example

Explanation of HTML example

<!DOCTYPE html> This defines the document to be HTML5. Declaring the correct doctype is important as we will find out in later tutorials.
<html> This element is to main element of any webpage which will contain all other elements
<head> The head element contains all of the meta information for a webpage
<title> The title element specifies the title of the webpage
<body> The body tag contains the visible elements of your webpage
<h1> The h1 tag is for Heading 1. This is the largest of the headings and should be the main heading to your webpages
<p> The paragraph tag is used to display a simple paragraph in your webpage


Tags in HTML are element names surrounded by angle brackets

HTML tags normally come in pairs. One to open the tag and one to close the tag. <p> and </p>
The first tag is the start tag, the second is the closing tag. The closing/end tag is written exactly as the start tag but with an added forward slash.

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