Lesson 2: Writing Your First Program

After lesson 1 you should now have NetBeans installed. Of course if you know or prefer a different IDE and have that installed then that is perfectly fine. The coding is still the same but we’re using NetBeans for our examples on this website. Launch Netbeans and we will start our first C++ Project Click […]

Lesson 1: Getting Set Up

This lesson is going to focus on setting up your development environment and compiler. The development environment is where we’re going to all of our hard work and the compiler is the “engine” installed onto your OS (operating system) to converts our C++ instructions into a machine-code or lower-level form so that they can be […]

Why Should I Learn C++

This is a question asked a lot, and not just about C++. This question is asked about almost any programming language that has been around for a few years. Granted, yes, there are new programming languages cropping up all over the place, but the truth is C++ has been around since 1979 developed by Bjarne […]